Travel Back In Time

Not quite, but close enough! Time Shutter allows you to use your phone as a window into the past. See what your city looked like a century ago with high quality photographs and postcards.

Re-photograph the locations to make your own “then and now” transitions and see how buildings, streets, and people have changed over the years. Now supporting 2 major cities, with new ones on the way!

History Buff?

Whether you’re a history buff or just simply enjoy astounding your friends with impressive historical facts, Time Shutter allows you to explore the city with insight from local experts.

Captivating and interesting captions on the history, architecture, culture, and famous inhabitants are written by a range of guest authors, including: historians, professional bloggers, architectural experts and media experts.

Never Before Seen Images

We archive hundreds of historic images for each city so that you can see how the buildings, landmarks, and sites of the city looked like one century ago and compare them to how they look today.

We've combed the world looking for rare (and fun) postcards and photographs. Thanks to our thorough art team and clever negotiators, we're able to provide you with the finest, century-old city images available.

No Flux-capacitor Required!

Deloreans are hard to find anyways. You’ll get the same sort of effect sans the car using Time Shutter on your mobile phone or tablet. We support 3G, 3GS, and 4. iPad & Android versions coming soon!

Control the Fabric of Time

... with your fingertips!

Slide your finger to fade between the past and present. Watch the building or landmark you’re standing in front of travel back in time and see how it’s changed over the years.

You Also Like to Shop?

I bet you want that famous bridge on your coffee mug? Or maybe you want to show off your new acquired history knowledge with your favorite statue on a t-shirt. Heck, maybe dad would like a postcard of the original and current building standing next to each other. Of course, we got you covered.