Bernstein's Fish Grotto, 123 Powell St., San Francisco, Calif. - 1920

Bernstein's Fish Grotto was one of San Francisco's more memorable restaurants for tourists and residents. It was opened here in 1912. The bow of a ship jutted into the sidewalk just above the Powell Street cable car stop. Not just any ship, but a reproduction of the Nina which brought Christopher Columbus to the New World. The inside of the restaurant extended this theme. Advertising called it "The Ship that Never Sailed."

It did, however, serve fresh fish and a number of signature dishes. Maurice Bernstein was an Oakland fish merchant who ran a number of eateries in the Bay Area. According to San Francisco's Lost Landmarks the Fish Grotto served three dishes found nowhere else in the city: abalone steaks, mussels bordelaise and and coo-coo clams.

Bernstein's Fish Grotto closed in 1981.

123 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102