8. One of San Francisco's Attractive Buildings, Market Street Above Sixth - 1910

This unique structure can be found on Market Street, between 6th and 7th, among the many fine historic buildings that make up the Mid-Market Street area.

The seven story building, with its terra-cotta finish and steel frame construction has a unique steel and glass façade that begins above the ground floor retail space and is framed by Corinthian pillars. The words Furniture and Carpets stand out from the galvanized iron entablature, informing us of the building’s earlier role in mercantile San Francisco.

If you look closely at the postcard image, you will see little round holes in the window frames. At one time, these light sockets which are still visible today, held hundreds of light bulbs that illuminated the building at night.

Designed by architect George Adrian Applegarth, and built in 1909, the building was the home of the Eastern Outfitting Company. This successful department store had several other western locations, including Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane.

In the 1940s the Eastern Outfitting Company gave way to the Union Furniture Store. In more contemporary times the storefront has seen a succession of businesses come and go.

Some tender loving restoration work on the Eastern Outfitting Company building and on its historic neighbors such as the Grant, the Odd Fellows and the Warfield Buildings could revitalize the Mid-Market district and bring about a welcome local renaissance.

Furniture Building
1017 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102