The experience is a little different than hitting 88 miles-per-hour in a DeLorean headed down Market, but the effect is the same. Time Shutter San Francisco, a new iPhone app by ClearMetrics, transports you to the streets of San Francisco at the dawn of the 20th century, allowing users to see and experience the city exactly as real San Franciscans did a hundred years ago.

Time Shutter San Francisco contains 246 photographs of San Francisco landmarks, skylines and street scenes taken between 1900 and 1925. The app guides users to exact locations where the shots were taken, and with an opacity adjustment slider, allows you to seamlessly overlay what it looked like then with what it looks like now.

Explore City Hall down Market Street and Chinatown to Fisherman's Wharf, the Mission and Golden Gate Park.


TheAppPlanet has much praise for Time Shutter NEW YORK!

Our friends at TheAppPlanet (who reviewed Time Shutter San Francisco last year) took a look at our follow up app, Time Shutter New York. "Time Shutter’s best feature is the transition shot, which is achieved by double tapping on the full image", TheAppPlanet says.

Download the app now by clicking the link across the page.

Check out the smashing review here.

A Smashing Review from UrbanDaddy.com

We've been just reviewed by one of our favorite sites, UrbanDaddy.com. Go check out the article and see why Time Shutter allows you to "immortalize each landmark" at the same time as getting "some background history and nuggets of trivia to unleash at your next cocktail party."

If you haven't already down the app you should do so now. Click the link across the page.

Check out the smashing review here: Check out a smashing new review from the amazing site, UrbanDaddy.com:

Time Shutter San Francisco Deluxe is now just TIME SHUTTER SAN FRANCISCO!

Hi Time Shutter fans!

There's been a name change in the iTunes store. "Time Shutter San Francisco Deluxe" is now simply called "Time Shutter San Francisco" and it's still only $1.99.

A free version is still available; simply search for "Time Shutter San Francisco Lite".

Time Shutter got a facelift!

Time Shutter is sporting a new look! If you haven't already done so, update your existing Time Shutter apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad devices. Simply click the App Store button on your device and Apple will help with the rest!